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  1. DIY an Epic Bridesmaid Proposal Box

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    There are a fair share of daggy bridesmaid boxes out there – so we wanted to find a few cool, DIY-box additions to help ask your bridesmates to get on board with a few cute touches that wont break the bank!


    This is a fab idea as you can intro your bridesmaid’s to your Wedding palette with a scale of colours they can use as reference when it comes to dress shopping (if you’re letting your mates choose their own dresses, of course!) Best thing about it is, these things are free from any paint shop or Bunnings!


    Another cute idea to bring a little colour/sparkle into the mix is a miniature hand-cream or nail polish which draws in the colours you want to show off at your wedding! Will save them having to agonise what colour to paint their nails on the big day.


    Ok, so, permission to get a little freegan with this one. Plenty of beauty stores and salons will often gift some sample fragrances or products for zero bucks to give you a little taste of their goods! Keep a little stash and slip them in the box to inspire some perfume or body-love ideas! (The samples we included below were from Aesop!)


    Who doesn’t love a cuppa? With so many delicious flavours, a novel and delicious tea to taste is a fab touch to any gift box! T2 do an awesome sample pack that includes a huge range of different flavours (with different colours of packaging so you can keep them all matchy-matchy!)


    For a bit of good juju leading up to your big bash, chuck a lush crystal in there to banish all the bad vibes and keep that good energy flowing. We chose Rose Quartz because its the stone of luuuurrrve.


    A wedding ain’t nothing without some lush blooms but why wait ’til your wedding day? Dry out some in-season flowers, or chuck in some artificial flowers (there are some pretty legit looking ones) to ensure they’ll last for ages!


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    It’s no secret that Zonzo is one of our favourite places in Victoria for weddings, so we were chuffed when we joined Tavis + Ashlee to capture some film and photography magic for their big celebration!

    With gorgeous florals by The Floral Emporium and an elegant, black-tie bridal party, this wedding was a true beaut and we couldn’t be happier to be back at Zonzo capturing the magic.

    Check out a few of our photography highlights and a snippet of film we captured on the day!

  3. How’s the View?

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    We’re pretty damn lucky to do what we do – hang out with folks on one of the best days of their lives, soaking up the celebration and capturing all the top moments.

    Our photography has taken us right across Australia, and beyond to France and the beautiful beaches of Bali!

    Take a look at some of our favourite location shots and get in touch to find out more about our awesome wedding photography packages. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Perth, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane or Melbourne – we shoot Australia-wide!

  4. Carley + Ben

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    So, Zonzo Estate and incredible weddings pretty much go hand in hand and, quite frankly, so do Carley & Ben – and we’ve got the photos to prove it! Carley is decked out in a magnificent gown and veil from One Day Bridal. Hair by Adrian Azari Hair and make up by Katie Woodward. We were lucky enough to be on board for the photography, film and live music and what an amazing celebration it was! Check out a little sneak peak from the album below and a snippet of the footage from the day.


  5. Happy New Year from The White Tree

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    Happy New Year, lovers! We’ve got heaps of exciting things sizzling away this year and can’t wait for an amazing and love-filled year full of guitar riffs, vibrant blooms, raucous brides and lots of dancing! We are now rockin’ Australia-wide, so everyone gets a slice of The White Tree pie – make sure you stick around the site to check out all our work and all the amazing discounts you can score by booking multiple services!

  6. Black & White Alright Alright

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    Sometimes some moments are best captured in black & white! Here are a few of our fave black & white images from a bunch of awesome celebrations we were fortunate enough to be a part of over the past year!  *We deliver our full catalogue of images to you as colour and B+W