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We realise that some clients like the idea of live acoustic music for the early stages of their wedding reception/corporate event…and then move into a DJ for the later dance sets.  This is for a few reasons…

1.  It’s cost effective.

2.  You get a “best of both worlds”…chilled live music early on, then a DJ later to mix things up.

3.  You can carefully control the DJ’s song list and crank the dance sets.
*Having said this, The White Tree Band of course allows you to select songs, and we believe we can still outgun a DJ on the dance floor.  See us in action here: 

But let’s not make it a competition.  Live Bands are great…DJs are great.  We offer both…the choice is yours!

Please note, our combos with the soloist/duo + DJ permit the following:
– 5hr call, e.g. 6pm – 11pm.
– The live music sets feature up to 135mins of music, e.g. 3 x 45min sets.  But you can split the set times up however you please to fit around your formalities.  The only other parameter is that the live music sets must take place within the first 3hrs of the 5hr timeframe.  Here’s a sample run sheet:

6pm – 6:45pm: Acoustic Duo play chilled set
6:45pm – 7:15pm: Speeches
7:15pm – 8pm: Acoustic Duo play chilled set
8pm – 8:15pm: DJ control background music
8:15pm – 8:55pm: Acoustic Duo play chilled set
8:55pm: Bridal Dance performed live by band
9pm – 11pm: DJ takes over and plays upbeat dance music.

Our singer doubles as a DJ and has all required equipment for this stage of the set.  We are not precious when it comes to our DJ sets and we are more than happy to take requests on the night, or receive detailed song lists from a client prior to the wedding/event.

*If required, you can easily book additional DJ sets and/or live acoustic sets that extend beyond the 5hr call.  This is at a rate of $140 inc gst per performer, per hour, or $70 inc gst per half hour.

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