So what do we actually receive as part of your packages?

03 / 18

Whether you book us for Level 1, 2 or 3, you always receive 3 x edits: The Cinematic Show Reel, a short Instagram Edit and The Raw Edit. The Show Reel is a highlights reel, tightly edited to a soundtrack of your choice. It’s like a modern music film clip. The length varies slightly depending on which level you book.  The Instagram edit is a short 60sec clip edited to stock library music so you can post it online and share it with ya pals.

The Raw Edit is essentially all the raw footage we capture throughout the shoot. It includes your ceremony in full, behind the scenes moments and all of your reception speeches (if your chosen Level covers this stage of the day). It mixes natural audio and a soundtrack of your choice. The Raw Edit is rougher in appearance than the Cinematic Show Reel but it ensures you have a comprehensive documentation of the day.

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